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IRIS builds on digital solutions

IRIS - Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions relies heavily on digital solutions in the processing of our customers' projects and in research and development work. A high-performance simulation infrastructure ensures that safety-related questions are answered as early as the planning phase of plants and operating facilities.


The range of our services extends from fire simulation and digital optimization of emergency plans to caus and effect analysis in the context of quantitative risk analyzes. IRIS is not only a user, but actively develops models and calculation methods itself. This enables us to offer solid results for our research partners and tailor-made solutions for our customers from industry and commerce.

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Safety has many dimensions


RIS - Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions participated with two lectures at the international conference HAZARDS 30 from November 26th- 27th. Dr. Hannes Kern gave a talk on forest fires as a hazard for European critical infrastructures. A highly relevent issue in the context of climate change.


Another contribution was made by our partners of Montanuniversität Leoben. The scientists at Montanuniversität reported on their research work in the field of dust explosion protection, which they carried out together with IRIS - Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions. HAZARDS30 is one of the leading conferences on process- and plant giving impulses for the research community and industry.

Fire Risk in Mining

IRIS - Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions supports a mining company in the analysis of fire risks in underground mining. Long escape routes and mobile fire loads such as conveyor and connecting vehicles make fire protection in mining a special challenge for safety concepts. IRIS supports our customers in the creation of a fire protection concept for underground mining operations.

IRIS uses modern methods for the analysis of the fire risk and the assessment of the existing safety systems. Through close coordination with authorities and specialist planners, an optimal result can be achieved for the customer.

Forest Fires and Site Safety

The increasing number of forest fires worldwide, but also in Europe, becomes an increasing danger to critical infrastructures. Oil and gas plants, industrial installations or energy supply facilities are often situated nearby or directly in forest areas. IRIS has developed a methodology to determine the risk of forest fires for critical infrastructures or production sites. The methodology enables us to specifically assess the risk of external fires as natural hazards.

As part of a risk assessment for an oil and gas company, IRIS brings in its methodology for analyzing the hazards of forest fires. Together with fire protection experts from the IRIS partner network, fire risks feed directly into emergency planning, concepts for emergency responder and the catalog of suggestive measures of the specialist planners.

Safety Seminar

IRIS - Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions offers tailor-made trainings and lectures for companies and organizations. A one-day special seminar on "Explosion safety for metal dusts" was designed, organized and carried out by IRIS for a company in the metalworking industry.

Through this seminar, IRIS was able to help ensure the safety of employees in a growing production sector. In addition to the basics and normative requirements, essential competencies for risk analysis in the combustible dust sector have also been imparted.

Emergency Training

In an ongoing project, IRIS Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions is developing a training program for a company to qualify specially trained employees to support internal rescue measures. IRIS delivers extensive knowledge in both, emergency management and active rescue work.

In addition to a theory block, training content for employees is e.g. basic firefighting skills, the use of gas measuring devices or the handling of rescue devices and rescue equipment in confined spaces. The training takes place in-house with internal resources and directly in your own working environment. In this way, employees can be optimally prepared for the company's internal emergency scenarios.

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