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This website was created for the exercise FORMATEX23, it does NOT contain real news. 


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Sept. 14th 2023

Joint International Field Lab Set Up in Linz

A Unified Effort to Combat Environmental Impact of Flooding


The rising floodwaters in Linz have not only led to a surge of concern amongst its residents but have also ushered in a wave of international support. In an unprecedented move, expert teams from Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Austria have come together to establish a state-of-the-art joint field lab in the heart of the crisis zone.

This collaborative initiative aims to bolster the efforts of local environmental specialists by analyzing water, soil, and vegetation samples. The objective is to assess the environmental damage caused by the flooding, identify potential contaminants, and guide remedial action.

The field lab, set up with cutting-edge equipment, will provide rapid results, enabling swift actions based on accurate data. These analyses will be critical in ensuring the safety of drinking water, agricultural viability, and the overall ecological health of the region post-flooding.

Local Austrian units, including the Austrian Armed Forces and the Fire Service from Vienna, have played a pivotal role in the logistical setup of this laboratory, ensuring its smooth operation in the challenging circumstances.

Anthea Browne, the team leader of the European Union Civil Protection Team, praised the collaborative spirit. "This joint venture exemplifies the best of international cooperation. Each team brings its unique expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to the environmental challenges we face."

While the immediate focus is on addressing the aftermath of the flood, the joint lab will also provide invaluable insights for future disaster preparedness and response strategies. The data gathered can be instrumental in developing more resilient infrastructures and strategies to minimize the environmental impact of similar events in the future.

For the residents of Linz, the establishment of this lab offers a ray of hope amidst the chaos. Not only does it signify tangible action being taken to safeguard their environment, but it also symbolizes the solidarity and support of the international community.

As efforts continue to address the multifaceted challenges posed by the flooding, this joint field lab stands as a beacon of collaborative resilience and innovation. The people of Linz, backed by a global team of experts, remain determined to rebuild and restore their beloved city and its surrounding environment.



Sept. 14th 2023

Linz Residents Fear Drinking Water Contamination!

As the flood crisis deepens in Linz, a new wave of concerns emerges among its citizens — the potential contamination of drinking water.


As the flood crisis deepens in Linz, a new wave of concerns emerges among its citizens — the potential contamination of drinking water. With floodwaters encroaching various parts of the city, the threat to essential water sources has become palpable. The Scharlinz well, one of Linz's primary water sources, is now under intense scrutiny as residents fear its vulnerability.

The Scharlinz well, known to supply a significant portion of Linz's drinking water, sits in an area that could be compromised if floodwaters continue to rise. Given its crucial role, any threat to its purity or functionality could have wide-reaching implications for thousands of households relying on it.

Local resident, Eva Müller, shared her worries, saying, "Water is essential. The idea that our primary source might get contaminated is truly terrifying. We need assurances from authorities that everything is being done to protect it."

Environmental experts have expressed similar concerns, noting that floodwaters could carry a range of pollutants — from industrial chemicals to agricultural runoffs — that could infiltrate drinking water sources. While water treatment processes can handle everyday contaminants, the sheer volume and potential variety of pollutants due to flooding pose a different challenge.

In response to these concerns, Linz's water authority has initiated rigorous monitoring of the Scharlinz well and other water sources. They are working around the clock to assess the situation, implement protective measures, and ensure water quality remains uncompromised.

A spokesperson for the water authority said, "We understand the concerns of our residents, and we share them. Protecting our water sources, especially in times of crisis, is a top priority. We have activated emergency protocols and are collaborating with environmental experts to address the situation."

Residents are advised to stay vigilant, monitor official updates, and follow any advisories related to water usage. Boil water notices, though not yet issued, might be a possibility depending on the evolving situation.

As Linz grapples with the dual challenges of floodwaters and potential drinking water contamination, the strength and resilience of its community will be tested. Still, with concerted efforts from authorities and the support of its citizens, Linz hopes to weather this storm without compromising its essential resources.



Sept. 14th 2023

Baltic States' High-Capacity Pumping Module En Route to Linz

WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-13 um 21.57.05.jpg

The latest assistance comes from the renowned "Balt Flood Combat" high-capacity pumping module that is already en route to the beleaguered city of Linz.

As floodwaters persistently challenge the embankments of Linz, international support continues to pour in. The latest assistance comes from our Baltic neighbors, as the renowned "Balt Flood Combat" high-capacity pumping module is already en route to the beleaguered city.

The pumping module, a joint endeavor of the Baltic states, has been specifically designed for situations such as these. It boasts state-of-the-art technology capable of removing vast quantities of water in record time, significantly aiding in the mitigation of flood effects.

Linz officials welcomed the news with immense gratitude. "The urgency with which the Baltic states have responded to our plight is a testament to the strong bonds and collaborative spirit within Europe," said a representative from the Local Emergency Management Agency.

The "Balt Flood Combat" team, consisting of skilled technicians and disaster management professionals, will work closely with local agencies upon arrival. Their expertise, combined with the advanced pumping module, is expected to provide significant relief, especially in areas hardest hit by the floodwaters.

As Linz braces to face the environmental challenges posed by the rising Danube, the addition of the Baltic pumping module brings renewed hope to its residents. The rapid international response, from the EU Civil Protection Team's arrival to the mobilization of Baltic resources, showcases the collective resilience and camaraderie within the European community.



Sept. 13th 2023

European Experts arrived at Hörsching Airport!

European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) touched down at Linz Hörsching Airport earlier today


In a swift response to the mounting flood crisis along the Danube and rising concerns about its potential environmental impact, a European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) touched down at Linz Hörsching Airport earlier today. Their mission: to provide critical support to the Local Emergency Management Agency and ensure the effective coordination of the international response to the situation.

Leading the six-member EUCPT contingent is Team Leader Anthea Browne from Ireland, who comes with a wealth of experience in disaster response and management. Browne will be the primary liaison with Austrian officials, ensuring that international support aligns seamlessly with local efforts.

The team's expertise is wide-ranging, addressing the most pressing concerns arising from the flooding. Among them are specialists in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) response, who will be pivotal in monitoring, assessing, and mitigating potential threats from industrial sites along the Danube. Their primary focus will be on the environmental ramifications of the floodwaters and preventing any hazardous material incidents.

Equally crucial are the team's environmental experts, who will evaluate the broader ecological impacts of the flooding and advise on protective and restorative measures. Given the rich biodiversity of the Danube region and the river's significance to Europe, their insights will be invaluable in safeguarding its ecosystem.

Rounding out the team are experts in information management. In large-scale crises like these, accurate data collection, analysis, and dissemination are paramount. These professionals will ensure that decision-makers have real-time, reliable information, and that communication between the various responding agencies is smooth and efficient.

The arrival of the EUCPT team underscores the gravity of the situation in Linz and the broader Danube region. However, it also illustrates the strength of European collaboration in the face of adversity. As the floodwaters continue their unpredictable course, the combined expertise of local and international responders offers a beacon of hope to the beleaguered communities.

Austrian officials and residents alike have expressed gratitude for the EU's rapid response, with many looking forward to the enhanced coordination and expertise the EUCPT will bring to the table.

As the situation continues to unfold, the collaboration between the EUCPT team, local agencies, and international supporters will be instrumental in navigating the challenges ahead. Residents are urged to stay informed through official channels and to heed all safety advisories.



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Sept. 13th 2023

Might the ongoing Flood trigger an addiontal Disaster?

Concerns Mount Over Industrial Sites Along the Danube Amid Rising Waters


As floodwaters continue to surge along the Danube, mounting concerns arise over the safety and integrity of the various industrial sites situated along its banks. Residents and environmentalists alike are voicing apprehensions about the potential risks these facilities pose in the face of unprecedented flooding.

The Danube, historically an essential waterway for commerce and industry, has a multitude of industrial hubs located along its course. These include factories, storage facilities for hazardous materials, oil storage sites, and processing plants. While many of these facilities are equipped with flood defenses, the current levels of flooding are challenging their robustness.

Local resident, Marta Klein, echoed the sentiment of many when she stated, "We've seen floods before, but this is different. We don't know what could happen if the waters breach these industrial sites. What's stored there? What could be released into the river or our communities?"

Environmentalists are particularly alarmed, highlighting the potential ecological disaster should any harmful materials leak into the river system. Apart from immediate threats to human health and safety, there are concerns about long-term environmental damage, impacting aquatic life and compromising water quality.

Industry spokespersons have been quick to reassure the public, emphasizing that safety protocols are in place and are being strictly adhered to. However, some critics argue that the unprecedented nature of this flood means there are many unknowns, and past preparations might not suffice.

The government has called for transparent communication between industrial site operators and the public. Officials are coordinating closely with facility managers to assess risks, monitor the situation, and implement any necessary precautionary measures.

International experts have also been consulted to provide insights and expertise, aiming to prevent any industrial mishaps or minimize their impact should they occur.

The unfolding situation along the Danube underscores the intricate balance between industrial development and environmental safety. As residents watch the rising waters with bated breath, there's a collective hope that the region will weather this crisis without further complications.

Officials urge residents to stay updated through official channels, be prepared for any advisories, and collaborate with authorities as the situation progresses.



Sept. 13th 2023

Upper Austria Faces Unprecedented Flooding Crisis

Residents of Upper Austria are confronting an unparalleled deluge as floods continue to wreak havoc


Residents of Upper Austria are confronting an unparalleled deluge as floods continue to wreak havoc across the region. With riverbanks bursting and water levels rising at an alarming rate, the province finds itself in the grip of one of its most severe flooding crises in recent history.

Communities along the Danube and other waterways have been particularly impacted, with numerous reports of homes being submerged, roads becoming impassable, and essential infrastructure being threatened. Evacuation efforts are in full swing, with authorities urging residents in high-risk areas to seek higher ground and adhere to official advisories.

Emergency services are working tirelessly, conducting rescue operations, fortifying flood defenses, and providing essential relief to those affected. Shelters have been set up across the region to house displaced residents, and supplies are being distributed to ensure that everyone has access to basic necessities.

The government of Upper Austria has declared a state of emergency, mobilizing additional resources and requesting assistance from federal agencies and neighboring regions. There are grave concerns about the potential environmental impact, especially around industrial sites, harbors, and storage facilities. Measures are being taken to prevent and mitigate potential hazardous spills or leaks.

European neighbors have also been quick to extend a helping hand, with several nations offering expertise, equipment, and personnel to assist Upper Austria in its time of need.

The spirit of community and resilience is evident as Upper Austrians come together to face this crisis. Stories of bravery, solidarity, and selflessness are emerging, highlighting the indomitable spirit of the people even in the face of adversity.

Meteorologists warn that while some respite might be on the horizon, the situation remains volatile, with further rain expected in the coming days. The aftermath of the flood will likely pose challenges for weeks and months to come, as the region begins the arduous task of recovery and rebuilding.

Residents are advised to stay vigilant, follow official updates, and assist one another as Upper Austria navigates these challenging waters.



Sept. 13th 2023

Chemical Experts from Germany respond to Linz!

The German Analytical Taskforce followed Austrias request for Assistance and is heading for Linz to bring vital chemical Expertise


Amid the escalating flood situation in Linz and the associated industrial risks, Germany's elite Analytical Task Force (ATF) is mobilizing to lend its expertise and support to Austria.

The ATF, known for its advanced capabilities in handling and analyzing chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) emergencies, has been activated in response to Austria's urgent call for international assistance. The move comes as Linz faces significant threats to its industrial sites, including steelworks, harbors, and hazardous materials storage areas.

A spokesperson for the German Federal Minstry of the Interior, "Given the scale of the situation in Linz and the potential risks, it's paramount to offer our expertise and resources. The ATF is equipped to handle situations of this magnitude and complexity."

The ATF will work closely with Austrian officials and other international teams that have been activated under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. Their primary focus will be to detect, analyze, and mitigate potential CBRN threats that might arise due to the floods. This includes monitoring water quality, assessing potential hazardous material leaks from industrial sites, and advising on containment and decontamination procedures.

The mobilization of the ATF signifies the deepening concerns over the environmental and health implications of the flooding in Linz. However, it also underscores the strength of European solidarity and collaboration in times of crisis.

Austrian officials have expressed gratitude for the rapid response from their German counterparts. "In such trying times, it's heartening to see European nations coming together to face challenges head-on," remarked a senior Austrian official.

As the ATF prepares for its mission in Linz, there's hope that their expertise, combined with the efforts of local and international teams, will help stabilize the situation and prevent further harm to the environment and residents.

Citizens are advised to stay updated through official channels and adhere to all safety guidelines issued by the authorities.




Sept. 13th 2023

Austria is requesting european help!

The dramatic floods in upper Austria is starting to overwhelm the national emergency response structure. The EU is asked to help Austria with this historical disaster.  


As the floodwaters continue their relentless surge, there is mounting fear in Linz over the potential threats to the city's industrial infrastructure. With steelworks, harbors, oil storage facilities, and hazardous materials storage areas all under potential threat, the stakes could not be higher.

The swelling waters, already causing significant damage to residential and commercial areas, now pose a severe risk to Linz's industrial sites. Officials are particularly concerned about potential environmental catastrophes, should the waters compromise the oil and hazardous material storage areas. The ramifications of such an incident would not only jeopardize human safety but also have long-term environmental implications.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Austria has activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. In a statement released earlier today, officials revealed that they had requested support in the form of environmental experts to assess and manage potential contamination risks. Additionally, there's an urgent call for CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Detection and sampling units to closely monitor the situation and mitigate potential hazards.

High-capacity pumping units are also on the requested list, aiming to alleviate waterlogging in critically affected areas, especially those housing sensitive industrial operations.

Across Linz, emergency personnel are working around the clock. Rescue operations continue in full swing, and there's a concerted effort to secure industrial sites, ensuring no further escalation of the crisis.

The activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism signifies the seriousness of the situation and the collaborative approach Austria is taking to safeguard its citizens and environment.

As the city grapples with this unparalleled challenge, the community's resilience and the strength of international cooperation are in sharp focus. Linz residents are advised to remain vigilant, adhere to safety advisories, and stay informed through official channels.

The coming days will be crucial in determining the full scope of the crisis and the efficacy of the collaborative response. Stay safe and united in these trying times.




Sept. 12th 2023

Flooding in Linz!

Danube Surges Past Previous
Record to 9.5m!


In a shocking turn of events, Linz witnessed the Danube's water levels soar past the previous 2023 record, reaching an unparalleled height of 9.5 meters. This staggering water level, the highest ever recorded in the city's history, has intensified concerns and put the entire region on high alert.

Dramatic scenes unfolded as the surging waters inundated streets, threatened homes, and disrupted daily life. Emergency services, already stretched to their limits, are now grappling with a crisis of historic proportions. Every available hand, from firefighters to medical personnel, is actively engaged in rescue and relief efforts, trying to mitigate the rising dangers.

Local authorities have described the situation as "extremely challenging," emphasizing that the sheer scale of the disaster is unlike anything they've dealt with before. Evacuation orders are in place for several areas, with thousands of residents being moved to safer grounds.

Civic volunteers, alongside official emergency crews, are working tirelessly, reinforcing barriers, aiding in evacuations, and distributing essential supplies to those affected. Dramatic visuals from the city show boats navigating flooded streets, residents being airlifted, and communities coming together to save their city from the rising tide.

The urgency and scale of the situation cannot be overstated. Every individual, institution, and service in Linz is engaged in battling this unprecedented disaster. The spirit of community and resilience shines through, even in these trying times.


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Sept. 11th 2023

at 8,9 m!

Today at 10:15 hrs, the danube scratched the 9,0 m mark. Forecasts show more rain to come! 


Today, at precisely 10:15 hrs, anxious eyes watched as the Danube's water levels inched precariously close to the 9.0m mark, signaling potential dangers ahead for surrounding communities and environments.

This significant rise in water levels has heightened concerns among local authorities and residents, especially as weather forecasts ominously predict further rainfall in the coming days. If these forecasts hold, there is an increasing likelihood that flood defenses and preventive measures will be put to the test.

Local governments have already started reinforcing embankments, evacuating vulnerable areas, and mobilizing emergency response teams. Residents are being urged to stay informed through official channels, prepare emergency kits, and be ready for potential evacuation orders.

The situation brings back memories of past flood incidents, emphasizing the importance of community preparedness and vigilance. While the city's defenses have been fortified over the years, nature's unpredictability requires a collective effort to ensure the safety of all.

As the clouds gather and the rains approach, the region holds its breath, hoping that the combined strength of human engineering and community spirit will be enough to weather the storm.

Stay updated, and ensure that all precautions are heeded.



Sept. 10th 2023

Danube Flood Alarm plan activated in Linz!

Toaday at 12:30 hrs, the level of the Danube exceeded the 6,5 m level, the city of linz activated the flood alarm plan and set level 1 measures. 


Concerns mount in Linz as the Danube River levels surge past the 650 cm mark today, prompting authorities to activate Alarm Level 1 of the flood warning system.

Rapidly rising waters have put local communities, businesses, and emergency services on high alert. Residents in vulnerable areas are advised to closely monitor official announcements, prepare for potential evacuations, and secure their properties.

The speed at which the water levels are escalating has caught many by surprise. Authorities are closely watching the situation, with further increases in alarm levels anticipated if the Danube continues its steep ascent.

Emergency services have been mobilized, and additional resources are on standby. Local flood defenses, including the advanced flood protection systems are being tested. 

Residents are urged to stay away from the riverbanks, refrain from unnecessary travel, and cooperate fully with any instructions or evacuation orders.

City officials and emergency management teams are in constant communication, ensuring swift and coordinated responses to the evolving situation. 

With memories of past floods, especially the devastating impact of the 2013 floods, fresh in many residents' minds, there's a combined sense of urgency and hope that the preparations will minimize the potential damages.

Stay tuned for continuous updates on the flood situation and ensure safety measures are followed.



Sept. 9th 2023

Steelworks Linz are well prepared for floods

In 2015 Linz steelworks introduced a new flood protection system as a result of the 2013 floods. 


Amidst growing concerns about the impending Danube floods, the steelworks in Linz stands resilient, showcasing their robust preparedness for such environmental challenges.

In 2013, the steelworks Linz location narrowly escaped the Danube's floodwaters. Recognizing the critical need for sustainable flood protection, especially for the Linz steelworks Steel & Service Center near Linz Harbor, the company has not hesitated to take decisive action. An investment surpassing a quarter million euros was directed towards a 650-meter long Öko-Tec tube wall system, including necessary accessories.

This advanced flood protection system, developed by Tiefenthaler from Mondsee, has been in place since July 2015, guarding the premises and ensuring the facility’s continued operation, even in the face of nature's unpredictability.

"It's crucial that we remain proactive rather than reactive to these potential threats. Our substantial investment in the Öko-Tec system demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding both our operations and our employees," remarked a voestalpine representative.

Given the predictions mirroring the 2013 flood levels, the steelworks strategic decisions from years prior seem more pertinent than ever. As the city braces itself for the upcoming floods, the state-of-the-art flood defenses at steelworks Linz serve as a testament to the company's foresight and dedication to safety.



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Sept. 8th 2023

People of Linz might get wet feet again!

Next weeks forecasts show again the upcoming of a severe flood in the greater area of Linz.

Forecasters have sounded the alarm for residents living near the Danube in the vicinity of Linz, predicting flood levels that might mirror those witnessed in 2013.

Meteorological and hydrological agencies have pointed to a confluence of heavy rains and swollen tributaries as the precursors to this potential flooding disaster. The 2013 floods were among the worst in Central Europe's recent history, causing significant damage to infrastructure, homes, and displacing thousands of residents.

Residents of Linz and surrounding areas are being urged to take immediate precautions. Local authorities have activated emergency plans, reinforcing flood barriers, and ensuring that evacuation routes are clear and accessible. Additionally, residents living in vulnerable areas are being advised to elevate valuable items, stock emergency supplies, and stay tuned to local news for the latest updates.

"We remember the devastation from 2013, and we're taking every measure to ensure the safety of our citizens," said Linz Mayor, Klaus Luger. The city has set up emergency shelters and is collaborating closely with rescue and emergency services to ensure a swift response to any emerging situation.

Tourists in the region are being advised to adjust their plans accordingly and be prepared for potential disruptions in transportation and services.

Scientists have been tracking the changing patterns in European weather and caution that, with climate change, extreme weather events may become more frequent. However, for now, the immediate focus is on preparedness and ensuring the safety of all residents and visitors in the Linz region.

For continuous updates on the flood situation, residents and visitors are encouraged to visit this website or tune in to local radio station.



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Sept. 7th 2023

Urfahraner Herbstmarkt to come!!!

Urfahraner Herbstmarkt to come on September 30th, bigger and better than ever before!


Urfahranermarkt Everyone knows him and everyone loves him. A visit means a welcome change from everyday life, bright children's eyes and socializing with friends.


The Urfahranermarkt as a traditional folk festival that has retained its own distinctive character for decades is an indispensable cultural asset.


This website was created for the exercise FORMATEX23, it does NOT contain real news. 

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